Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Thursday Update: Number 2

Time for another Thursday update!

Project 'Mancer Statistics:

Current word count: 24,483
Estimated Percentage Complete: 32.6%
Project Completion Date: No later than 12:01 AM August 1st, 2010.
Current chances of hitting that target: Looking Good.

I also drew another Werewolf VS Vampire comic for next week.

Upcoming Releases (No changes here):

Staked (French translation) from Bragelonne: TBA
Staked (Italian translation) from Newton Compton: TBA

ReVamped in mass market paperback from Pocket Books: October 2010
ReVamped (French translation) from Bragelonne: TBA
ReVamped (Italian translation) from Newton Compton: TBA

Crossed in mass market paperback from Pocket Books: Early 2011

As for what's coming up for tomorrow... It's the next installment of The Adventures of R.G. Strangemind... and Herbert. Yep. Yet more horrible (perhaps amusing) fiction from my teens. I may even talk a little bit about one of the (secret) reasons I decided to post the episodes and what I'm going to do once all of them have been posted here. I know. I know. Flee in terror! ;)

The first sentence: "R.G. woke up, only to be knocked out again."

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