Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blogjacked: What is that J.F. Lewis Up To?

Up to what is that J.F. Lewis?

Apparently, writing haiku.  Yep, haiku... well, American/English haiku- or maybe these count as senryu.  They're all over his Facebook page, but I thought I'd cross-post a few here (because, really, what are blogjacking wives for?  I mean, um, for what are blogjacking wives?)  Unlike a "modern" haiku/senryu of less than seventeen syllables, J's follow the pattern you learned in school: 5, 7, 5.

A superhero haiku:

X-ray vision rocks
Fear my voyeuristic side
Wear lead underpants.

A vampire haiku

When vampire eyes glow
VISINE can't get the red out
Try a nice murder

Another vampire haiku

Exsanguinate me
Then I'll exsanguinate you
And we'll be vampires

A haiku sort-of inspired by CROSSED

Marry your vampire
For loyalty try werewolves
The shedding's not bad

I suppose I should officially say <insert legalese here> these haiku/senryu/poems are c. 2011 Jeremy F. Lewis, blah, blah, blah.  You can cross-post them, but if you do, please give J. credit, post a great review of STAKED or REVAMPED to Amazon, become a fan of J.F. Lewis on Facebook, and tell all your friends how cool he is.  ;)

PS: If you like J's haiku, there are a few more on this old post.