Monday, May 17, 2010

A Monday Less Morbid

Mobicon was pretty darn cool. A big thank you goes out to Wayne, Connie, and everyone else who made it such a good con! It's always fun to see Davey Beauchamp, M.B. Weston, and The Wandering Men. Ben (official Untold Minion) even found time to give Janet and me a short walk-through of UNTOLD (the card-based RPG I mentioned last time).

Oh and I get to see M.B. and The Wandering Men again this weekend at Imagicon. How cool is that?!? And speaking of this weekend. I'm really hoping this year's Imagicon is going to rock. Half the fun is going to be at the McWane center and the other half is at Old Car Heaven. If I understand things correctly, Anime and all the Band (and related dealers) will be at Old Car Heaven and the rest of the fun (lit tracks, celebrity guests, etc) will be at McWane.

The folks at McWane will be showing Star Trek in the dome Imax all weekend. And this is going to sound a little strange, but wait until you see the maps. Anyway, I hope to see you all there! Both venues are a blast when there isn't a convention going on, so with all the awesomeness the folks at Imagicon have planned it should be even better!

Here's the tentative lit track schedule for Imagicon:

Friday, May 21

12:00p.m. "Meet M.B. Weston" Learn what is new from one of today's rising stars in Literature!

1:30p.m. "A Singular Sensation" Dr. Travis Taylor delights the crowd with the rowdy discussion kicked-off by "One Day on Mars"

3:30p.m. "Why oh Y???" Stephanie Osborn and Dr. Taylor bring us into the world of the Cresperian Saga.

5:30p.m. MOVE TO RUSHTON THEATER for: "Jabberwocky Theater: The Looking Glass Series" with Dr. Taylor and John Ringo. Come and discuss a raucously good time as the Looking Glass Series is bounced around and finding where the Jabberwocky comes into play.

7:00p.m. "3 Ringo Circus" John Ringo Come learn what the master author is up to with his latest trilogy.

Saturday, May 22

10:00a.m. "Van Plexico Presents..." Come meet another of the rising stars of the genre: Van Plexico. From Comics to Science Fiction, he has written about it, talked about it, or at least read it. If you haven't picked up one of his books yet, here is a chance to find out what you have been missing!

11:30a.m. "Lou Anders and Pyr Publishing" Come meet Lou Anders and find out what is coming from Pyr Publishing, one of the fastest rising stars of the fantasy and sci-fi world!

1:00p.m. "Baen Road Show" Baen will show the wonders and amazement coming out this year from their Publishing house.

2:30p.m. MOVE TO RUSHTON THEATER for: "Twilight Zahn" We all know about his Star Wars novels but what about those tons of other stories he has done completely away from all of that? Come and discuss the works of one of the best authors in the genre!

4:00p.m. ****Tentatively**** "The Worlds of Thomas T. Thomas"

6:00p.m. "The Legacy of Aldenata" John Ringo Wondering what is up with the Posleen? Come and find out from the creator, himself!

8:00p.m. MOVED TO RUSHTON THEATER for: "The of Ringo" Something "big" is going to happen to Mr. John Ringo! It's not for the faint-of-heart, nor for children. Those with strong political leanings may wish to bring a bit, or other restraints, as necessary. No food-throwing or chair-breaking allowed.

Sunday, May 23

10:00a.m. "Science behind Star Wars and Star Trek and..." Timothy Zahn and Dr. Taylor So can we really go faster than light? Is it possible to teleport matter? Discuss the realities of what we see and read in our favorite genre.

11:30a.m. "Introduction to Planetary Defense" Dr. Taylor We have read the books, seen the movies, now come and hear someone who actually knows the subject matter.

1:00p.m. "Fantasy Today" M.B. Weston, Lou Anders, Van Plexico, J.F. Lewis Wondering why all the Vampires are sparkling? Wondering what happened to the grittiness of Conan? Wonder what happened to the outrageous worlds of Zalazny? Come and talk with some people who would know!

2:30p.m. "Final Thoughts, Anyone?" A feedback session where you, the attendee, get to tell us, what went right, what needs work, and what you'd like to see in 2011!

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Charles K. (Ken) Bradley said...

Mr. Lewis,
I was a honor to meet you and your lovely wife at Mobicon this past weekend! Thank you so much for turning me on to Staked. I'm on page 109 and really am enjoying reading it. I can't wait to get to Revamped. I'll be going to ConCarolinas this year and am looking forword to seeing you there.