Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chocolatey Badness!

My post about coming up with "For Want of Chocolate" is up over at Edmund Schubert's blog. You can read it here. It begins: "Something is terribly wrong with Edmund."

Friday, September 18, 2009

Vampires + Chocolate = Mayhem

My first ever short story in the Void City universe is up in this month's IGMS. It's about a newly turned vampire named Haley realizing she can no longer eat chocolate. A Godiva store is involved. If you like the books, you'll probably get a kick out of the story. If you haven't tried the books yet, at $2.50 an issue, IGMS is a cheaper way to give my writing a try.
It even has a cool illustration by Kevin Wasden.
This is the one that actually got me (jokingly) threatened by another author. For more about the threat and the making of "For Want of Chocolate" check out Edmund Schubert's blog Side-Show Freaks where he'll be posting an essay from me about that pretty soon.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dragon*Con 2009 Schedule

Here's my schedule from Dragon*Con this year. Looks like they've got me somewhere every day of the convention! (Which is totally frick'n cool if you ask me.) Look at all the Leaguers I'm on panels with! :)

Vampires Are The New Vampires

Vampires are always in style, no matter what
decade it is. R. Laurey, A. Kontis, J. F. Lewis, R.
Mead, A. Gilbreath, D. Tatum (M); Fri 2:30 pm;
Montreal/Vancouver [H]

City of Dreadful Night

World-building in dark fantasy. C. Douglas, J. F.
Lewis, C. Kittredge, S. Kane, K. Richardson, C.
Malcolm (M); Fri 8:30 pm; Montreal/Vancouver [H]

What Price Immortality?

Examines the trials and travails of immortality.
R. Laurey, S. Sizemore, J. F. Lewis, M. Henry, R.
Mead, A. Gilbreath, F. Zedde, C. Malcolm (M); Sat
11:30 am; Hanover C-E [H]

Vampires vs. Zombies

Authors judge the pros and cons of the living dead.
E. Donald, P. Nutman, C. Priest, J. Stein, J. F. Lewis,
M. Henry, A. Gilbreath, M. Mancusi, M. Miller (M);
Sat 5:30 pm; Montreal/Vancouver [H]

Undead in Dixie

The allure of vampires in southern literature. E.
Donald, R. Hart, J. F. Lewis, C. Harris, C. Malcolm
(M); Sat 8:30 pm; Montreal/Vancouver [H]

The Sacred and The Profane

A look at religion and spirituality in dark fantasy
fiction. E. Donald, C. Golden, S. Nicholson, C.
Priest, S. Allie, J. Everson, J. F. Lewis, J. Kessler, M.
Miller (M); Sun 11:30 am; Montreal/Vancouver [H]

Working the Graveyard Shift

A look at the various jobs available to supernatural
investigators and creatures of the night. J. Stein,
C. Douglas, J. F. Lewis, C. Kittredge, S. Kane, K.
Richardson, J. Kessler, M. Miller (M); Sun 8:30
pm; Montreal/Vancouver [H]

Dragon*Reading: J F Lewis

*Mon 11:30 am; Roswell [H]

* (I know it's all the way on Monday and everything, but I promise to read from the manuscript for book three if folks show up)