Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Muse-day Tuesday: Werewolf VS Vampire

I just saw that things are changing up a little over at TOR.COM. That's where my "Project 'Mancer" novella is currently awaiting judgement. I knew that PNH was overloaded, so it's nice to know he'll be getting a helping hand.

I'm been playing around with some sketches for a few six panel Werewolf VS Vampire comic strips, but I haven't had any luck finding any good programs to let me drop the images in, add captions, format them like an actual comic, and then spit them back out as a .jpg, but that's what my muse has been up to today.

Well, that, and more Project 'Mancer stuff. I really hope one of the 'Mancer items sells so I can finally speak freely about it.

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