Friday, June 22, 2007

The Great Name Blog

The title of my novel has changed multiple times. As a reminder, the initial title was WELCOME TO THE VOID. This was unacceptable to some of the marketing folks, probably because it doesn’t exactly scream "Vampires!" The second title, BITE ME, was also changed, for reasons possibly having to do with it being a little too in your face or too close to Christopher Moore’s YOU SUCK. I am quite pleased with the new title, STAKED, and can only hope that I won’t have to come up with any more options.

In the process of title selection, my friends, family, writers' group and I made a long list of possibilities. To say the least, some of the titles were less than stellar. Having said that, here is a list of some of the worst/most amusing/most utterly unusable title ideas we came up with (in no particular order):

Bite the hand
Bite Back
Blue Collar Fang
Warning: This Book May Bite You
A Different Type of Anger
Vampires do it at Room Temperature
Anything that moves
Six Ways From Sunday
Straight From The Vein
Always Bite Strangers
Gentlemen Prefer O Negative
Eric: The Life and Times of an Undead Bastard
Undead and Unrepentant
Vampires Never Say Sorry
Welcome to the Nightmare
Cold Blooded
Enter the Void
Even Vampires Get the Blues
Deadly Dancing
Fangs for the Memories
I Love the Night Life
This Never Happened to Dracula
Idle Fangs
The @$$hole’s Guide to Being A Vampire
More Trouble Dead
101 Reasons Not to Make Your Girlfriend Immortal
Rip Me A New One
F*cking Vampires
Dead Men Tell No Tales and Dead Women Won’t Stop Talking
Death Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry
F is for Vampire
Even Vampires Hate Mondays
Immoral Beloved
Dead men Don’t Dodge Bullets
When You Die, It Gets Worse
Dead Men Don’t Do Dishes
Suck It
When the Night Gets Old
Vampires Suck
Too Much At Stake
Thicker Than Water
The Dark Fangtastic
Fangtom of the Pollux
Ouch! (with sequels: It Still Hurts and See How You Like It)
Feel free to comment and contribute your own terrible titles.

More later!


Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Big Crunch

I'm not certain how illuminating this will be to anyone, but I'm eight days away from the send-it- in-to-my-editor-after-my-revisions due date and I'm working like a mad fiend. To top it all off... we need to change the title again. So far it has been called: WELCOME TO THE VOID and BITE ME. The search for a title continues...

I'll post a longer blog as soon as my rewrite is 100% complete, polished, and off to Jennifer.