Friday, March 23, 2012

Midsouth Con Schedule 2012

Midsouth Con Schedule:

Friday, 3/23 7:00 PM - Raising a Child in Fandom Cartoons to comics, movies to literature: Raising a family in the world of fandom.

Friday, 3/23 9:00 PM - A Bigger Slice Discuss breaking away from licensed characters and creating your own

Friday, 3/23 11:00 PM - The Scoop on Sex Is it a romance novel without it? How much is too much? And do I have to
use flowery euphemisms? Come with your questions on how to craft convincing carnal knowledge.

Saturday, 3/24 10:00 AM - Webcomics Are paper comics going the way of the dinosaur, newspapers, and other print media? Discuss webcomics with the artists.

Saturday, 3/24 8:00 PM - Bad Guys The villains we love, hate, and love to hate.

Sunday, 3/25 11:00 AM - Guide to Writers' Groups How to find or form a writers' group and get the most out of it.