Thursday, April 24, 2008

T-shirts are coming soon!

T-shirts are coming soon! Believe me, I want to see people wearing WELCOME TO THE VOID T-shirts every bit as badly as people want to wear them… and I feel like I owe some of you an explanation for the delay. We’ve considered lots of places for having the T-shirts printed up, including CafĂ© Press (which can’t print on the back of a black shirt, by the way) and other places that handle sales as well as printing- but the T-shirts ended up being over $30 each (not counting any profit). So, we’ve decided to handle the sales end of things ourselves (and by we, I mean me, my wife, and my mother-in-law, Jenny, who is practically my personal assistant lately- I need to get her some business cards).

Since that time, we’ve been caught up in trying to do things “right” from the outset, with a business account, a business license, state sales tax, etc. These things are almost completely resolved at this time, and we are almost ready to place our initial order. We’re looking several sales possibilities, including selling from our existing eBay account, launching an eBay store, selling through, or possibly trying to handle it all ourselves on my webpage... we should know something within a week. We’ll get the T-shirts from Custom Ink, the same printer that did thour original WELCOME TO THE VOID shirts… so the ones we sell will be “real” ones that look just like mine. We haven’t determined the actual prices yet (how much we pay depends on how many shirts we order at a time) but shirts will probably be between $20 and $25.

Last, and possibly most important because this is how you can help, I’ve posted a survey on the sidebar of my blog (if you’re reading this from or elsewhere, you’ll need to click through to I need to know how many of which sizes to get on my initial T-shirt order… if you’d please go to the survey and click on the shirt size(s) you’d like, when we order, I’ll make sure we get what you want.



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