Friday, April 25, 2008

Contests galore!

Two new contests based on Staked begin this week! Between the two of them, there are five copies of Staked, a custom book thong, and a WELCOME TO THE VOID T-shirt up for grabs.

Over at A Book Blogger’s Diary, aBookworm has been nice enough to give Staked an awesome review and to run a contest. Four copies of Staked and a very cool custom book thong are yours for the winning here. The contest ends May 5th, so make sure to get those entries in before it’s all over.

From the review:

“[Staked is] serious yet funny, gory yet tender, magical and still down-to-earth; a proper study in contrasts, if you will. In other words, a must-read!”
- A Book Blogger’s Diary

I’ve also been invited to do a guest blog over there, so that’ll be coming your way soon, too.

Sidhe Vicious Raves & Rants also has a review up. She enjoyed the book enough to do an interview and it’s where you’ll have to go if you want a shot at a WELCOME TO THE VOID T-shirt before we start selling them. Since they’re so rare at this point, the T-shirt is first prize and a signed copy of Staked goes to the runner-up. The review is here and you can find the contest and the interview here. The contest ends May 15th. So get over there and enter for your chance at a t-shirt or a signed copy of the book. Read the interview too. I think you’ll enjoy it.


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Pike said...

Just read the interview over at Sidhe's place and wanted to say Hal-la-luya! I loved the brooding vamp stuff back in the day but it has grown old. Nice to see some more "conservative" approaches on the genre. BTW - what is it with UF writers and the love for comic books? Is it a naturaly transistion from superhero to supernatural? I'm down with that!