Wednesday, April 16, 2008

STAKED gets good reviews...

I haven’t posted any reviews in awhile, so here goes:

“Staked will probably appeal to most readers who like Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden but wish that Harry would stop being so damn nice all the time.” -Amanda,

How’s that for a hearty endorsement? Read the rest of Amanda’s review here.

Oh! Oh! And my book made it to Vienna (yes, as in Austria)! I only know this because Amberkatze has posted a nice review on Amberkatze’s Book Blog. She was even cool enough to give away a copy of the book in a contest with a very cool concept. In Staked, a new vampire seldom knows the extent of his or her true powers. Sometimes, those who can change into an animal will only be able to change, for all time, into whatever they first attempt. Amber asks contestants to choose which animal they would pick. Enter her contest here.

As it that wasn’t enough, she interviewed me, too. Here’s that link.

Speaking of people who enjoy Staked…

FantasyGirl has an awesome review over at “From the start I could tell this book would be something special. By page 8, I was proclaiming it a winner to my friends. I’m happy to report that I was correct.” Read the rest of the review here.

Proving that Staked can appeal to guys too, Frank Hagen posted a review at his blog. You see, he bought the book for his wife (because he’d read the Big Idea article John Scalzi was nice enough to post over on his Whatever blog), started reading it, and it hooked him. Read his review here and if you need any advice with C# Programming, Frank might be just the guy to help you out.

Rachel over at reviewed Staked last month and I *thought* that I blogged about it, but didn’t: “Once you get caught up in the world of Staked, you’re stuck in its thrall. There’s enough violence and death to keep the novel going, but not so much that you can’t read it before bed. Staked walks a great balance with the suspense and gore… it’s a balance one rarely sees in first novels.”

Read the rest of her review here at Our Gaggle of Girls or here at Boston Now.

Lastly, Lou Anders sent me an email to let me know that my “author debut party” was covered in the most recent Locus magazine. I ordered a few copies, but they're not here yet.

Next time… my WebKinz review! Be afraid. Be very afraid! (Okay, don’t be really afraid... They’re just WebKinz…)



Amberkatze said...

Thanks again for the interview! The contest ends tomorrow so anyone who wants to enter should hurry up ;)

Keep in touch and let me know when the next book is out! It will be going on my pre-order list!

aBookworm said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! I loved Staked and dearly hope there's more coming soon.

Cheryl said...

Congrats on the many great reviews.

I will really have to make sure I pick up a copy soon