Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Welcome Back to the Void!

It's that time again.

Release day. I can't describe how it feels to be here again on the release of a second book. Part of me feels like it isn't happening. Part of me fears it will be the last time. And a much larger section of the J-brain wonders whether people will like it or not. In a way, the shipdate for a new novel is like sending your kid off for the first day at school. As an author, I've done all that I can for little ReVamped. There are always little sections I feel like I might have gotten just right if I'd had a few more revisions, tiny tweaks which have gone unmade because if I don't stop tweaking then the book will never be done and out for people to read.

True, I can do my best to make sure people know how fun little ReVamped is and shout about it in interviews, podcasts, or blogs. I can go to conventions and show off ReVamped and its older sibling, Staked. But in many ways the magic has been worked and now ReVamped's future is in the hands of the buyers, sellers, reviewers, and fans.

The funniest thing of all, is that ReVamped has actually been on the shelves for several days at this point. Some of the people that pre-ordered copies of ReVamped got the book as early as February 27th. It began showing up on the shelves of bookstores around Birmingham last week. But the "official release day" still feels special and today is the first day the novel is available for folks who use the Kindle (Hi, Jerry) or other eBook readers.

With the book release comes the temptation to ego surf for reactions to ReVamped, but I'll try to hold off and let my Google Alerts bring those to me. After all, I'm still working on book three and I need to get it all nice and shiny if I'm to expect anyone to purchase it... so that I can start the rollercoaster all over again.

Here's hoping you enjoy your second trip to Void City and many more to come. Feel free to drop by (via comment or email) and let me know how you're enjoying the book. If you're reading Staked for the first time I'd be glad to hear from you as well.




Michael Malone said...

Hey man!

I'm so happy your book is "hitting the shelves" today! I'll be stopping by the local B&N to pick up my copy.

I still can't believe I stumbled upon "Staked" days after its release. Had I not read on the jacket that you were "local" (I'm in Huntsville) I wouldn't have bought it. Boy, I'm glad I did.

Been waiting for this with anticipation. I'll let you know what I think within days!

Thanks, and keep writing!

Mal said...

Hi Jeremy,

I got your book in the mail yesterday and read it in a single sitting. Very satisfying! I enjoyed it even more than Staked, (though I'd read a review that had me a little worried that things were getting overly weird with Fang the 'Stang--but you pulled it off).

I hope you have some more story to tell for the third novel. I think one of the reasons Revamped is such a satisfying read is that you tied up all sorts of loose ends from Staked. Still a few left for a few more books though!

Thanks for writing books that are so much fun to read!


PS: You ever read a book by John Skipp and Craig Spector called The Light at the End? They've got a vampire villain with tons of cool abilities. When I read it I was hoping they'd do a follow up novel that made the villain more sympathetic (if he'd survived that is). I think I enjoy Staked and Revamped so much because they really provide a lot of payoff by having some fun with powers you normally feel guilty enjoying (well, I still feel a little guilty).

Starbuck O'Shea said...

_ReVamped_ is fantastic!!!

I have been waiting a long time to say that. Go. Enjoy.

Because you will. Very fun book. I wanted to re-read it right after I was done, in fact.

Also my favorite 2009 novel thus far. Anything else will have to work hard to beat _ReVamped_.

ninja copy editor*---

Jeremy F. Lewis said...

Hi, All!

Coolness. I look forward to hearing from you, Michael. :)

Mal... a single sitting? How cool! Which review almost scared you off? Regardless, I'm glad you checked it out. I have a lot of fun with Fang. IN book three, Fang and Greta get to have a lot of fun. ::evil grin::

I haven't read The Light at the End, but it sounds like I should put it on the TBR.

Thanks, Starbuck! That's pretty frick'n high praise! :)

Anonymous said...

I was visiting my local bookstore to find something that might peak my interest and I stumbled onto Staked, I had it on my shelf (as I was mid-series with another book) and finally picked it up a few days later. I read it in 2 days, would have been one if I didn't have to go to work! stupid work... always interrupts my reading! It was fantastic! I went the next day to get Revamped and read that one in 2 days as well. I love the series a lot! I can't wait for the next book! I love fang too, he just happens to be the same make and model of my dream car since I was a kid! Mmmmm Mustangs!

Keep up the good work! I can't wait for the next book!