Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Strong Enough For A Man, But...

I've mentioned how much I (and my boys) love AlphaOops!: The Day Z Went First by Alethea Kontis, so it was pretty darn cool to have her interview me. We chat about everything from why I tend to have a WebKinz White Mouse (his name is Stanton) with me at conventions to the whole church thing... and why I might not necessarily mind being painted metallic silver under the right conditions.

You can find the interview: here.

There's also a nice article up on Best Fantasy Stories about "Fantasy Books for Men". Two authors I really enjoy are mentioned: Jim Butcher and Simon R. Green. The article also mentions some J. F. Lewis guy and his Void City series.

You can find that article: here.

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Starbuck O'Shea said...

Well, this is belated... but Lee is awesome, and Jeremy is awesome... so having her interview you was most excellent!

Also, I hadn't heard the Webkinz story yet. :D

the ninja copy editor*---