Monday, July 21, 2008

Adventures in Scifi Publishing

Some of you may have noticed the audio promo for STAKED popping up here and there. I can't tell you how nice everyone has been about agreeing to play it for me. I don't just make blind requests either. I listen to the podcast first. I often wind up subscribing as a result, because quite frankly... there is some astonishingly cool content out there.

Take Adventures in Scifi Publishing for example. They've started a series of Clarion interviews to which I've been glued. I've never been to a big writer's school like Clarion and I've always been fancinated with the idea of getting to go... so it's really cool to hear tidbits about the goings on there or even just thoughts on writing from the talented people teaching there.

This week is the third Clarion episode and next week... Neil Gaiman.

While you're downloading the current episodes, be sure to check out the new website here. It's a a very slick look with cool interviews, events, news, reviews, and links to youtube videos that might interest scifi fans... like the new book trailer for Jeff Carlson's Plague War. (Hi, Jeff!)

Also, don't forget to participate in The Keys to Publishing Contest. You'll need to listen to Adventures in Scifi Publishing as well as Mur Lafferty's I Should Be Writing... but you should be doing that already.

Go check them out and if you haven't heard it already, you can catch the Staked promo, too. And since people have asked... yes, for good or for ill, that's me doing the voiceover. :)



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Shaun Farrell said...

Thanks for the blog love, J! Your promos sounds really good, so props to you for creating something that podcasters want to play. Schedules permitting, we'll have to have you on the show when the book comes out.