Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Belated Thanks

I’ve been a little under the weather (and still am) so this post has been delayed. I owe a big belated thank you to several folks both from OmegaCon and the Little Professor.

First, OmegaCon. OmegaCon was a very good con for me. Books-A-Million sold all forty copies of Staked by 2pm Saturday and then Edge Books borrowed some of my author’s copies on a sell and replace basis. They ordered replacement copies of those that sold and are shipping them out to me. All in all, more than sixty copies were sold at the con. This was thanks in no small part to my writers' group who helped run my table so that I could go to my panels, work the halls in the dealer’s room, etc… but it is also thanks to Jack, Sherrilyn Kenyon’s personal assistant, who put a copy of Staked at the mighty Mrs. Kenyon’s register and wore one of my Welcome to the Void t-shirts to help spread the word. As if that was not enough, Sherrilyn wore one of my VOID t-shirts to her autograph session. I was so floored that I still can’t remember what I was supposed to be doing when I walked past the autograph table and saw what she was wearing.

How cool is that?!?

My second big thank you goes out to Sara at the Homewood Little Professor for having me out there for a signing. They printed up posters and mailed out postcards to some of their customers and even let me leave some flyers and bookmarks that they’ll be stuffing into some of the bags at the store. Sara rocks! Go by and check out the store, not to mention Sara’s jewelry which can also be purchased at the Little Professor.

Another big thank you goes out to Dan & Jackie Gamber of Meadowhawk Press . They are absolutely nice folks. Dan even went so far as to put in a good word for me with MidSouthCon when I’d waited far too late to submit a request to attend as a guest. I'm planning to be at MidSouthCon this weekend- just look for my signature VOID T-shirt. (Speaking of which, we'll be selling those soon... everyone seems to want one.)

M.B. Weston deserves a thank you, too. She’s the author of A Prophecy Forgotten. She was one of my table neighbors, and she went above and beyond the call in answering all of my very naïve questions about table sales, taxes, etc. She makes a good co-panelist too! She and the Wandering Men were on the Writers' Group Panel with me late on Saturday night. Since the panel was so late, and the panelists and friends of panelists outnumbered the serious attendees, my writers' group turned it into a party and served great appetizers prepared by real chefs, which we left for the panel after us and then moved out into the central hallway for the late night folks. What can I say? I have a great writers' group.

Lastly, a huge thank you goes out to all the nice folks who have taken the time to send me emails letting me know how much they enjoyed the book! I think I replied to everyone, but my apologies if I missed someone.

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Derek "Ruthven" Tatum said...

That was cool for Sherri to do that.