Monday, January 14, 2008

Book Review!

Every few weeks since the Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) of STAKED went out, I've been doing a Google search for "j f lewis" "staked" and "review". A few days ago, my search turned up my first book review! :)

"certainly impressive for a debut. The plot is reminiscent of the early, and best, of the Anita Blake novels." - Don D'Ammassa, Hugo nominated editor and author of multiple novels and short stories. To read the whole review, visit Don's Critical Mass website here.

I will say that this sort of thing is the most surreal part about getting published. When you're just getting started (like me), you get paid way less than minimum wage, with the hope that you might one day make more. When you get good feedback from folks who don't know you through anything but your words and they like it and they post about it... when you see your book showing up on people's wish lists or see it mentioned in their blogs... it really does feel like magic.


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DuchessStoHelit said...

What a great comparison to get! All of us Sweeney girls are anticipating the release of your book. Sorry about the old lap top. Long live the new one even with it's learning disability.