Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blogjacked: What is that J.F. Lewis Up To?

Up to what is that J.F. Lewis?

Apparently, writing haiku.  Yep, haiku... well, American/English haiku- or maybe these count as senryu.  They're all over his Facebook page, but I thought I'd cross-post a few here (because, really, what are blogjacking wives for?  I mean, um, for what are blogjacking wives?)  Unlike a "modern" haiku/senryu of less than seventeen syllables, J's follow the pattern you learned in school: 5, 7, 5.

A superhero haiku:

X-ray vision rocks
Fear my voyeuristic side
Wear lead underpants.

A vampire haiku

When vampire eyes glow
VISINE can't get the red out
Try a nice murder

Another vampire haiku

Exsanguinate me
Then I'll exsanguinate you
And we'll be vampires

A haiku sort-of inspired by CROSSED

Marry your vampire
For loyalty try werewolves
The shedding's not bad

I suppose I should officially say <insert legalese here> these haiku/senryu/poems are c. 2011 Jeremy F. Lewis, blah, blah, blah.  You can cross-post them, but if you do, please give J. credit, post a great review of STAKED or REVAMPED to Amazon, become a fan of J.F. Lewis on Facebook, and tell all your friends how cool he is.  ;)

PS: If you like J's haiku, there are a few more on this old post.


Savannah J. Foley said...

Just wanted to let you know that I just bought Staked at Barnes and Noble for my Nook because (this is a long explanation) I recently became a fan of Stacia Kane's website, and was looking at her sidebar and saw the League of Reluctant Adults link... yours was the most recent article, and you mentioned you were in Alabama, which I am too (Huntsville). So I went to your site, read about Staked, read summaries and reviews on Amazon, and decided I had to read it.

Just though you might be interested in the round about way one of your books got bought, lol.

Edward Ott said...

very cool blog.