Wednesday, October 27, 2010

T-shirt Contest Winner

A note from your friendly neighborhood blogjacker: 

With all the wonderful Halloween goodies (by which I mean J's serialized short story that's popping up on various blogs like a trick-or-treat fun fest), I forgot to announce the winner of last week's T-shirt contest!

Unseelieme is our randomly selected winner!  Please send an email to and let me know your shipping address and preferred size.

Start your Void City trick or treating at Paranormal Haven.  The next blog on the block is Pocket After Dark.  (We finished editing the third section of "A Void City Halloween" last night and J will post it *somewhere* today.)

One more T-shirt to give away before Halloween.  If you were a vampire and went trick or treating with Eric and Greta, what costume would you call and why?   Post your replies here and check back after Halloween to see who won!  (Winner will be randomly selected.  T-shirt to be selected from available sizes in stock. Blah, blah, blah.)



Littleturtle said...

If I dressed up with Eric and Greta, I would have to dress up as Cat Woman. If I dressed in something sexy maybe Eric would let me go with them. Now if they only make the Cat Women costume in XL I'll be good!

Raging Sloth said...

I would definitely call Cowgirl... something like... Calamity Jane but sort of new style. Just to get a kick out of the idea of Eric's ancestor. Haha!

Nichole C. said...

I would call gladiator! Sorry I'm a girl!

Sarah G said...

I would have to call Edward/Bella/Jacob...anyone associated with Twilight would gain my fangs!
Especially if it's an ADULT dressed in that nonsense!

Sally L said...

I would call The Mad Hatter, cause that is the most over used Disney costume this year and I would get to sink my fangs into a lot of them.

Sharon S. said...

I would call vampire, for the irony . loved this story!

Janet Lewis said...

This time I picked the random winner by rolling a six sided die... and our winner is... Nichole C. Please email your preferred T-shirt size (so I can check our stock) and shipping address to me at