Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Thursday Update

Looking for updates on my writing and other miscellaneous wackiness? One place you can find them is right here on Thursdays. Even if all I post about is the status of the current work in progress or what I'm going to have coming up on Friday.

Project 'Mancer Statistics:

Current word count: 21,894
Estimated Percentage Complete: 29.2%
Project Completion Date: No later than 12:01 AM August 1st, 2010.
Current chances of hitting that target: Looking Good.

I'm even working on my John Paul Courtney short story and my Talbot short story a little.

Upcoming Releases:

Staked (French translation) from Bragelonne: TBA
Staked (Italian translation) from Newton Compton: TBA

ReVamped in mass market paperback from Pocket Books: October 2010
ReVamped (French translation) from Bragelonne: TBA
ReVamped (Italian translation) from Newton Compton: TBA

Crossed in mass market paperback from Pocket Books: Early 2011

But now (BUM BUM BUM) for an update on what's coming up tomorrow...

I was recently reminded of a sci-fi comedy serial I wrote for a local BBS magazine back in the late 80's/early 90's. And because I think there are a few laughs to be had by doing so and because it serves as an object lesson in how a writer's craft develops over time AND because I think there is always value in being able to laugh at once's self, for the next few Friday's, I'll be posting episodes of the teenaged J. F. Lewis's attempt to write like Douglas Adams.

Here's the first sentence:

"It was almost sunrise when the old yellow car pulled into the driveway."

To read that again as well as the rest of the first installment, you'll just have to check back tomorrow.... or you might prefer to run screaming from the internet. Your choice. ;)

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Bill Barnett said...

I can't wait to read the Talbot short story.

Congrats on the foreign book publications, Jeremy!