Monday, January 18, 2010

Threepio?!? Where could he be?

"Where could he be?!"

Though the conditions in which some of my readers might be asking the above regarding yours truly are likely far less dire than those experienced by Luke Skywalker when he shouted those words from within the grinding bowels of one of the Deathstar's many garbage smashers, it's still a fair question. Part of the answer revolves around any number of real world day to day normal life issues which I fear would bore the heck out of any blog readers, but the more interesting (to most of you) answer is: I've been writing. Some of it has been Eric/Void City related writing and some of it not. But for those of you who want an update, we'll start with status of Void City:

VOID CITY, BOOK 3 (Currently entitled CROSSED) has been turned in to my agent, passed along to and purchased by Jen Heddle over at Pocket Books, and I am currently awaiting my revision letter letting me know what Jen would like done to it before you guys see it. Trust me, you want Jen to look at it first. Without Jen's feedback, the Eric/Talbot/J'iliol'lth aerial fight over Void City from ReVAMPED would never have been written nor would readers have ever gotten a chance to meet Esteban (Lady Gabriella's lover)... just as without Shawna, my agent, the Werewolves On Ice hockey fight from STAKED would never have made it to the page either.

The first draft of VOID CITY, BOOK 4 is currently around 14% completed and I'm writing it pretty much simultaneously with another project that I'm really afraid to say much about... not because it's some big media tie-in (it isn't), but because I'm so attached to it that I'm a wee bit paranoid. So, for now, I'll refer to it as PROJECT 'MANCER and assuming it sells, you'll get to find out for which word that lonely little apostrophe is standing in.

PROJECT 'MANCER is actually more than one project or at least more than one story. So far, it consists of a roughly 9,000 word novelette (which I've just sent off to the first prospective market), several short stories in various stages of completion, and a proposal for several novels, the first of which is roughly 25% complete, has a synopsis, and will be heading out to my agent tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed on this one, please. I really want it to happen and have spent the last few years tweaking the way this particular form of 'mancy works and thinking up the character arcs as well as plots for at least four novels... and a fair amount of speculation about how to approach a fifth novel and further if I were allowed to write them and people wanted to read them.

Backburner Projects (which doesn't mean I love them less, it's just that there are only so many hours in a day and I spend a lot of those at the day job anyway):

GRUDGEBEARER, my epic fantasy project remains unsold and at this point I'm considering another revision to pull one of my favorite characters forward into the first third of the novel with the rest of the "cool kids". After all, I already know what she was doing then and it might be interesting to show that too.

URBAN FANTASY PROJECT 3: THE ONE WITH DEMONS IN, could actually be submitted to my agent as a partial and a synopsis, but I think it's still cooking. The cast has changed a great deal and though the plot remains the same, it's very important to me that I have the powers of the main character just right and that all the metaphysical stuff is ironed out before I bombard Shawna with it or commit to finishing it.

YOUNG ADULT PROPOSAL #1 is basically dead, having been ruled "Too icky" by my agent.

YOUNG ADULT PROPOSAL #2 is still underway albeit slowly.

YOUNG ADULT PROPOSAL #3 is basically in the same boat and #2.

MY HOMICIDAL CYBORG LOVE STORY is actually about 13,000 words already and has something of a synopsis, but I'm still doing some world building and fleshing things out.

And last (not really last, but the last I'll mention in this post), but certainly not least… no one from MARVEL COMICS has offered to let me write my reinvention of DEVIL DINOSAUR & MOON BOY, but I've actually written scripts for the first two issues (in case they ever ask or I'm trapped with Joe Quesada on a desert island) and they totally kick ass. :) Seriously.

(Note: I seem to be a little better about updating my FaceBook fan page than I am when it comes to blogging, so if you want more regular updates, you might want to join the fan site. I seem to be a little faster when it comes to responding to messages there, too. You can even friend me if you want. I'm the tall blond guy standing next to Darth Goofy and looking a bit silly.)


Anonymous said...

The Facebook fan page URL is

Sinfonian said...

Boy you are a busy boy. That is an insane about of projects you've got going. Bravo. Hopefully it's not a "throw mud against a wall" approach, but rather tons of more to read from you. I hope it is the latter.

Good luck with your projects. Oh, and the only 'mancer preface I can think of is necro, but I'm sure there are others.

Jeremy F. Lewis said...

If it helps, I actually mentioned the 'mancer in passing in one of the Void City books. :)

pattepoilue said...

Void City book 3! YAY See this is me jumping up and down! I've been getting lots of people to read this series, so this is great news! This is another excuse to get some more to read the first 2 *grins* Well that's a great news.

And wow lots of projects! Bonne Chance as we say here =)

Starbuck O'Shea said...

It's in ReVamped. :D I just reread that.

BTW, since I don't think I've said -- I was extremely pleased to find out what a sneaky cad R. was once ReVamped got going.

You may be able to get your Facebook to load here, Jeremy. Ask around. I know some blogs can cross onto Myspace.

Yeah, we have got to get you off the [current] day job so we can have more of your imagination printed for us. It will rock.

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