Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Test Podcast

Remember that whole podcast idea I mentioned a few months back?

It's almost ready to roll out. I have the first episode up: here as kind of a sneak peek for folks to listen to and give feedback on before I go all iTunes with it. The volume is a little low, but I'm hoping to fix that with future episodes.

In the meantime, whether you've read the books and want to listen to them or you're discovering the series for the first time, I hope you enjoy. The first episode is a little short. Around 18 minutes, but future epsiodes will run two or three chapters and I'll try to roll out a new episode once a week.

Happy listening!


pattepoilue said...

I just listened to the first podcast on Itunes.(which is strange because usually the french Itunes never let me download US podcasts)Anyway, will we get more soon?
Thanks =)

Jeremy F. Lewis said...

I hope so. Computer issues have eaten the second episode a few times and now it is recorded, but not editted. I hope to get that done this weekend and have the next episode up next week.

The following episode (episode three) should be even better. It will include the first Tabitha chapter which will be read by the incomparable Kimi Alexandre.

Also, if you're looking for a copy of the books in French... lets just say it looks like that will be happening. I'm not sure if I can blog about it yet, so I won't give anymore details...


pattepoilue said...

Ohhhh That would be great news, i've talked about Staked SO much to my friends, now at least they would be able to read it too ;) *sealed lips*

I'm glad we'll get the second episode soon =) I enjoy listening to the 1st one.
I can't wait to ear Tabitha's 'voice' =D