Monday, February 9, 2009

The Jesus Geeks Podcast talks about Staked

Chris and Cliff over at the Jesus Geeks podcast talk about the controversy that sprang up around Staked, the first novel in my Void City series. I was tempted to provide a link here with the statement:

Jesus Geeks Approve Staked:

"This book is pure entertainment... It was a very good first novel."

Chris Martins, The Jesus Geeks Podcast

That's a bit disingenuous though. Chris did say he enjoyed the book and in fact he did make both of the above statements about Staked, but both Chris (of the Jesus Geeks) and John (of had issues with the book, particularly the sexual content.

If you'd like to hear what they had to say, go take a listen: here.

One of the biggest things I took issue with was John's description of the sex scenes as pornographic. They clearly aren't. I left a few comments via voice mail explaining my position on the sexuality depicted in Staked on the Jesus Geeks comment line and Chris says he'll be playing them in a few weeks on a follow up episode.

I have to say that I truly appreciate Chris and John taking the time to read the book beforing commenting on it. Their comments, even the negative ones, were made in a respectful good-natured manner. Kudos, gentlemen! I appreciate it.

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