Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Antics in Guild Wars

Whatever you celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful time. At the Lewis Household, we've been baking, fruitcaking and all kinds of stuff. Heck, we've even found the time to fight off a cold or two. And in between, we've even had time to play a little Guild Wars and help keep

Wintersday safe from the grenches.

Grenches are mean little guys who work for Grenth, the Guild Wars equivalent of all the nastiest gods in various mythologies.

Fortunately, TJ, my warrior, is up to the challenge. With peppermint shield and sword in hand, Yule Cap (which looks deceptively like a Santa Hat) firmly on his head, he sets out to the Secrete Lair of the Snowmen to save Wintersday. Hey, it's for the kids! :)
Heh. I call this last shot: To me, my Snowmen.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!