Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Dream Given Form Time Again

Please pardon my Babylon 5 reference...

I sent the page proofs for ReVamped off today via next day UPS goodness so it will be in the hands of my editor by the deadline. Yay! Meeting deadline = good. :) It took longer than intended for me to get through the page proofs because a bizarre combination of bronchitis and a small cut in my ear canal. For several days, the ear canal injury was worse than the bronchitis, but the coughing and wheezing has finally overcome the ear issue. Only two more weeks of antibiotics and inhalers to go! Woo-hoo!

Which kind of makes me a bit:

But not no worries, because I *did* meet the dealine, so, to reward myself, I watched The Incredible Hulk (the new one not the hideous one from a few years ago). They had me at "Hulk Smash!" That's really all I can say about the movie. It's not as awesome as Iron Man, but it's sooo much better than the Hulk's previous movie outing that I can go watch Ang Lee's really cool martial arts films again with out cringing because of Hulk aftertaste.

I've also been listening to plenty of Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas music (I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I'm doing it anyway - MWAHAHAHA!) and I even got to watch the Iron Chef America Thanksgiving episode. All of which has left me much more:

(A quick note to all the WebKinz owners who see Percy at zero Happiness and wonder what I did to my poor little WebKin to make him so unhappy: I wasn't me. It was the ghost. 'Nuff said.)

Coming up soon-ish: An updated publication journey to publication timeline as we near the publication of ReVamped. Soon it will be a real physical object! Squee!

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Kosmo said...

Speaking of movies... it HAS to warm the cockles of your agent's heart to see that Twilight has turned into a blockbuster.

Now Hollywood will be saying, Hmmmm, these vampire stories are hot again. Where oh where can we get another up-and-coming vampire series to make into movies that earn millions of dollars? Oh, here's one! Staked, be J.F. Lewis. Somebody send that boy a check.

Also, on an interesting side note. My word verification word is "judoes".