Thursday, October 30, 2008

Free Fiction from Phaedra Weldon Over At The League

I know I already mentioned the Halloween fun we're having over at the League of Reluctant Adults this week, but I want to call special attention to Phaedra Weldon's contribution (because I'm the one that asked her for it and it's pretty much the bee's knees.)

She's wrote us a short story called Ghoul that touches on what vampires are like in the world of her Zoe Martinique Investigation series. She's also giving a copy of Spectre (book two in the series) to one lucky commenter, so check out the cool free vampire story here and then comment on the post (the one with the short story, not this one) to have your shot at free paranormal investigatory goodness.

If you like what you read, make sure to grab a copy of Wraith and Spectre and be sure to swing by Phaedra's home page for all the newest info about Phaedra's upcomming books like... oh, I don't know... Phantasm (due out in June 2009).

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