Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The News from Lake MobiCon...

(Note: A friend of mine suggested that I call this blog “Jim Butcher hit on me.” Obviously Mr. Butcher did no such thing, but it was too funny not to mention.)

In short, Mobicon was great. The con was well organized and thirty-five more copies of Staked were adopted into loving homes. My only complaint about the dealers room isn’t a complaint with Kim who was running the dealer’s room (Kim rocks!) but of utter shock at the lack of book dealers. I mean… Jim Butcher was there and there was no way short of a quick trip to Books-A-Million or Barnes & Noble to get a copy of his books if didn’t already own them (or if you happened to leave them at home… like I did.)

This is another con where we cut things a bit too close to the con date for me to get onto many panels, which was solved by the other guests (and the mighty Kathy who made sure things ran smoothly for the panelists) just inviting me to show up to their panels if they thought I should be on them. Sharon Green in particular (after we’d been on a few panels together) told me to show up to the “Hangovers: Bad Con Experiences” panel- which was great, because though I only had a few stories (as authors go, I’m so new that I still have my price tag on the back), the panel was a blast… and Jim Butcher was on it.

Patrick Harris, Jim Butcher, Davey Beauchamp, and Colin Cunningham (plus one of the panel attendees with a story about a first-time con goer who was injured by one guest and wound up marrying another) really stole the panel. They were all hysterical!

The Sexuality in Sci-Fi panel turned largely into a discussion about the differences between the way men and women handle relationships, followed by a debate on the existence of love at first sight. You know… I’ve yet to be on one a panel where the discussion has actually been about sex in writing... usually we wind up talking about the dynamics of relationships.

All in all, it was a great con and I met tons of great people!

Next stop: Con Carolinas!


Ashy said...

Wow - and NO mention of his best booth pals, The Wandering Men... :(

Jeremy F. Lewis said...

Ack! You are sooo right! How did I leave you guys out?!? For the record, the Wandering men are great! I hereby tender an IOU for a blog about The Wandering Men.

Ashy said...

w00t!!! And we think that Mr. Lewis ROX as well! :D Oh, and his mom-in-law! ;)