Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cover Art!

Woohoo! Take a look at my totally awesome cover! It looks even better in person, too, with the foil effect they're using on the title. Chris McGrath's fantastic artwork is sure to draw attention to the book! (Thanks, Chris!)

And... a big thank you goes out to Jennifer Heddle over at Simon & Schuster for sending me a copy of the image well in advance of the cover flats (in time for Dragon*Con), and for giving me permission to post it here.

Lastly, for the legal gurus, please note that this image is copyrighted material, posted here with permission, blah, blah, blah.

1 comment:

Balthazar said...

Hi Jeremy, I found your blog through one of your posts at the Chronicles Forum. Congratulations on becoming a published author!

I just want to say I read with great interest all your posts on your Road to Publication. I love reading this stuff! Every detail.
(I have to live vicariously through other writers' success stories until my YA fantasy novel is complete and published*fingers crossed*)

Every time I read posts like yours it gives me hope and inspiration to keep writing. So thank you and keep going!

BTW, I'll be looking for Staked at my local Borders.