Monday, April 30, 2007


While this has nothing particularly to do with writing (other than being the bane of my productivity from time to time) I thought I’d post every once and awhile about what I’m watching (similar to the Cowboy Pete’s TV Roundups that Peter David did (does?) on his blog.)

Raines, Lost, Bones, Dresden Files, and *gasp* American Idol are what I keep up with regularly, while Smallville (two episodes behind), Heroes (four episodes behind), and Supernatural fall into the TiVo and watch eventually category. Does being fifteen episodes behind on Supernatural count as still watching? /shrug

Of course, there is always Drive (or there will be until FOX airs/sells the final few episodes). Poor Nathan Fillion. That man can’t catch a break on a series to save his life. He’s a great actor, but is it just me or does he seem to be the death knell for a series? Next, I guess he, Ben Browder, and Claudia Black will all be cast in a remake of Brisco County Junior which studios will then either show in reverse order or not at all.

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